Day 76: Learning How to Photograph The Northern Lights

I sure hope that I get a chance to actually see the northern lights (fingers crossed).  And, really, just seeing them will be enough for me… just like Sean felt about the elusive snow leopard:  Sometimes it’s more appropriate and meaningful to take the photo with your mind’s eye. But I’m getting pressure from friends […]

Day 22: Feeling Blue While Watching Snowballs Fly

Not sure what’s wrong with me today, but I’ve never been able to feel sad watching kids frolic in the snow. Usually the sound of a snowball hitting its target, unadulterated giggles and yelled promises of alliances make me smile. For some reason, that’s not the case today. This is a first. And not a […]

Day 4: Posting a Northern Lights Question

Ok, getting serious here.  I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.  Hey, Walter went to Iceland, so why can’t I? (Hmmm….I’m starting to see a pattern here. You’d think the recovering spinal cord surgery patient would want to stay away from slippery, icy landscapes…but, after yesterday and today’s posts, one […]

Day 3: Walking Barefoot in the Snow (And Having a Neighbor Yell at Me)

Wow, my first two-fer and I didn’t even have to work at it… It snowed a bit last night, and I’ve never walked barefoot in the white stuff. Until today. Now I have. It’s cold. What a revelation, eh? It actually felt kinda good, too, for the first 6.3 milliseconds. Invigorating. It didn’t give me […]