Day 65: Learning Icelandic

Tomorrow is a big night, what with the True Detective finale and my moonshine date with Mr. Dixon. So I figured I should find a useful way to pass the time…and I realized, hey, wait a minute…I’m go in’ to Iceland soon! I don’t have to live my life vicariously through my TV and film “family” […]

Day 49: Bidding Bye to Puerto Rico

One last morning stroll on the beach, a short tour by our hosts of Condado, lunch and then back to reality. Condado appears to be upscale and geared largely toward the tourist trade (and let’s face it, we *are* tourists). It has beautiful beaches and we had a delicious, if painfully slow, lunch.  (When traveling to […]

Day 48: Soul-Searching in Old San Juan

After zip lining (which excluded me, natch), we took to the streets of Old San Juan. As expected, buildings painted vibrant peach, yellow, and green-blue hues stood side-by-side. Sadly, many of them donned signs like Pizza Hut and Subway, or were shuttered with for sale signs. Puerto Rico’s economy for a number of reasons is […]

Day 47: Racing Around Puerto Rico

Today we poked around the District of Carolina a bit more, including a visit to the historic El San Juan Hotel with its over-the-top but beautiful interior. I could imagine Frank Sinatra stepping out of the shadows at any moment, fedora cocked, crooked smile (no pun or hints at his mob ties intended, here). After […]

Day 46: Swooning Over San Juan

Not all of my posts are major wins and, admittedly, some of my “experiences” barely qualify as such. (Really? Sending James Franco a message and figuratively putting Seth Rogen over my knee? Wearing bright red lipstick?) This one, however, I think truly counts. Day 1, Puerto Rico, first stop Isla Verde, which is very resort-minded […]