Day 70: Entering a Very Short Story Contest

Based on a bet-winning short story by Hemingway, “For sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.” the Gotham Writer’s Workshop is sponsoring a Very Short Story Contest. Seems Hemingway was predicting the future, given the twitter-appropriate length of his missive. The contest requirements? Ten words or less. I should be able to handle that commitment, right? Let’s just hope […]

Day 61: Drinkin’ Moonshine with Daryl

After watching “Still,” the Walking Dead episode where Daryl dishes about his pre-turn existence (or lack thereof) and Beth expresses her fantasies about him being a prison guard, I became interested in their potent potable of choice: Moonshine. As much as I’d like to say I hopped in a pickup and drove through the deep […]

Day 15: Becoming Peeta’s Pen Pal

A few days ago I wrote a blurb about trying to track down an old friend. To maintain confidentiality I referred to him as “Peeta.” Well, guess what: I. Found. Peeta! If you read my original post, you’ll see that I sent an email to the company where I thought he worked. I guess the […]

Day 13: Lounging on a Trampoline While Watching Someone Do Trapeze

This one is so random that it defies explanation. And, I’m just noticing, the title of this post sounds a lot like a Bob Dylan lyric. Think Subterranean Homesick Blues. Don’t wanna be fun I won’t jump or even run Lounging on a trampoline Watching someone do trapeze… Maybe this is the start of a […]

Day 9: Giving Up Control of My Wardrobe

As as said in my post about letting someone else determine my coffee order, it felt kind of freeing not to have to make my own decision. All right, so it didn’t turn out so great… but the experience was interesting enough for me to want to try something similar. A friend told me about […]