Day 32: Deciding to Train for a 5K

On the heels of my obsession with the Silver Linings Playbook film–which features miles of footage of Coop running not only to get in shape, but to help gain some control over his life–I’ve decided I need a goal to help me maintain motivation in my recovery. I feel like I’ve stalled a bit, and […]

Day 27: Buying Tickets to Iceland!

Well, I’ve gone and done it: I bought tickets to Iceland. If you’ve been following this blog, you’re probably thinking, “Nah-uh! I don’t believe it!” But I assure you, it’s true: I. BOUGHT. TICKETS. TO. ICELAND! Still shocked that I’m making one of my dreams a reality, I can’t even think of what to put […]

Day 25: Using Powdered Peppermint Patties

I’ve stared at this container of Gold Bond Body Powder for I don’t know how long. I swear, it’s made it through about six moves. I’ve never actually seen my husband use it, though it sits prominently displayed on his side of the sink like one might display a coveted Disney family photo on a […]

Day 24: Wearing Bright Red Lipstick

This “new experience” seems especially daring because I wore it during the day. I might have been able to get away with it late on a weekend night, but no… I donned it in full natural light. At one of my usual coffee-work spots. Before noon, even. When I ordered my drink, the guy behind […]

Day 20: Saying No

Talk about empowerment. I decided I was going to say, “no” for an entire hour of the workday, no matter what was asked. Even if it was something I really wanted to say, “yes” to. My first “no” was whether I would be willing to re-write something that was the responsibility of another team member. […]

Day 18: Hovering Over Iceland

I’m on an airline site, hovering over the “confirm purchase” button. (Yes, that really is my finger). By now it’s pretty apparent from past posts that I really want to go to Iceland. Well, fares are lower than they’ve been for quite a while (I know this because I signed up to get fare alerts, […]

Day 17: Singin’ in the Shade…50 Shades, That Is

Let’s get one thing straight: Reading that 50 Shades of Grey book was so damn awful that it made me wanna scratch out my own eyes. It also made me want to hit my head repeatedly against a brick wall. Why (bang) is it (bang) that I never (bang) come up with these horrible (bang) […]

Day 16: Getting Called in for an Acting Evaluation

Remember when I put in my app to try and become a movie/TV extra? Well, I’ve already gotten an email to come in for “an evaluation.” Now, either I’m stunningly special and my application and photo *really* wowed them–beyond that of the 736,872 others they received that day–orrrrrrrrr it’s a big ol’ scam. Hmmm… that’s a tough […]

Day 12: Searching for Someone

We’ve all searched online for people from our past, hoping to catch a virtual glimpse of where they are and what they are now doing. (As well as how much they paid for their houses and what their spouses/partners look like.) Come on, admit it. You’ve done it countless times. Oh, for Pete’s sake, you’ve googled […]

Day 11: Dealing with a Block by Being a Block(head)

Today I sat in the street. I just couldn’t think of any other “firsts.”  Not one. At least, not one that I could actually accomplish and write about before 11:59PM.  Call it a departure delay, if you will. But, for better or for worse, lame as it may be, I plunked my tush on concrete […]

Day 10: Considering a ‘Game of Thrones’ Pilgrimage

So, ok… as a result of my tripadvisor post, I  contacted an Iceland tour company that people highly recommended. Of course, in my email to the company I profusely apologized for potentially wasting their time, stating, “not only is it more likely that you’ll see pigs fly before I actually get to Iceland, but the pigs […]

Day 9: Giving Up Control of My Wardrobe

As as said in my post about letting someone else determine my coffee order, it felt kind of freeing not to have to make my own decision. All right, so it didn’t turn out so great… but the experience was interesting enough for me to want to try something similar. A friend told me about […]

Day 8: Entering Travel Sweepstakes

In hopes that excitement finds me (note to Universe: Here I am! Find me!), today I’m trying the following new activity:  entering online travel sweepstakes. I never do this sort of thing because of a paralyzing fear of SPAM that rivals that of my fetal-position-rocking-back-and-forth terror of Charlie McCarthy ventriloquism dolls. Naturally, I assume entering […]

Day 6: Randomly Generating My Vacation

Hot on the heels of my “let-someone-else-decide” experiment yesterday, today I found an online random vacation generator.  Apparently such devices are geared toward unimaginative doofi who can’t come up with their own trip ideas…and me. One clicks. One sees where one is destined to go. Huh. The stars say I am to head to Lisbon. I […]

Day 5: Letting a Complete Stranger Choose for Me

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make your own decisions. Today, while standing in line for my coffee, I started to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Really, couldn’t it just be small, medium or large …and regular or decaf? I realized this was an opportunity to try something new.  I turned to the elderly […]

Day 4: Posting a Northern Lights Question

Ok, getting serious here.  I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.  Hey, Walter went to Iceland, so why can’t I? (Hmmm….I’m starting to see a pattern here. You’d think the recovering spinal cord surgery patient would want to stay away from slippery, icy landscapes…but, after yesterday and today’s posts, one […]

Day 3: Walking Barefoot in the Snow (And Having a Neighbor Yell at Me)

Wow, my first two-fer and I didn’t even have to work at it… It snowed a bit last night, and I’ve never walked barefoot in the white stuff. Until today. Now I have. It’s cold. What a revelation, eh? It actually felt kinda good, too, for the first 6.3 milliseconds. Invigorating. It didn’t give me […]

Day 2: Leaving an Anonymous Note

Many years ago I was leafing through a book at a bookstore and came across an anonymous note that said, “Buy a lottery ticket today. It’s your lucky day!” On a lark I bought a $1 scratch-off ticket and won $5. It’s not predicting future fortunes, but maybe the note I left in the hotel […]

Day 1: Fastening My Figurative Seatbelt

Day 1: Starting A Blog that Chronicles My Daily New Experiences for 100 Consecutive Days Pushing myself to do at least one thing per day I’ve never done before and chronicling it? Nope, never dunnit… so…Day 1, check. Dang, that feels good. My figurative seatbelt is fastened, and I’m ready for my 100-day ride. ___________________________ […]