Day 74: (Water) Walking D(r)ead

  In tandem with my adventure-filled walks [otherwise known as The Walking D(r)ead], today I tried water walking. The main difference? You don’t sweat! Or, at least, you don’t know if you sweat, because it’s awfully hard to separate pool water from the water your body’s secreted. I know. Gross. The other difference? I also […]

Day 73: Baking Gluten-Free

I’ve been gluten-free for several months, now, but–not being a baker–I’ve avoided making my own stuff, instead buying off the shelf or from gluten-free bakeries. I decided it was time to stop being lazy  try something new and to bake a gluten-free goodie. I found a recipe for a Blueberry Crumble, which I followed except […]

Day 71: Playing with Week Old Kittens

Some “firsts” defy words. It did leave me wondering why the heck it took me so long to experience something so sweet… I should’ve followed Norman Reedus’ lead on this one long ago. _________________________ Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it […]

Day 70: Entering a Very Short Story Contest

Based on a bet-winning short story by Hemingway, “For sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.” the Gotham Writer’s Workshop is sponsoring a Very Short Story Contest. Seems Hemingway was predicting the future, given the twitter-appropriate length of his missive. The contest requirements? Ten words or less. I should be able to handle that commitment, right? Let’s just hope […]

Day 66: Having an “I Shoulda Listened to Daryl” Moment

Well, Daryl and I (and a bunch of friends) had our moonshine date.  It was during the episode titled…sniff…”Alone.” Knife in eye = 1 shot Head lopped off= 2 shots. Each time Beth said something about how good people are = 3 shots. [Note: We quickly abandoned this one; otherwise we would’ve been out cold […]

Day 64: Dying Dark

You know what they say…Blondes have more fun, and and all that. Well, given that I’m rather proud that I’m not one to have too much fun, I decided there was only one way to go, hair-hue wise: Dark. My natural hair is best described as the color of diluted puke. You know, the brownish-orangey […]

Day 61: Drinkin’ Moonshine with Daryl

After watching “Still,” the Walking Dead episode where Daryl dishes about his pre-turn existence (or lack thereof) and Beth expresses her fantasies about him being a prison guard, I became interested in their potent potable of choice: Moonshine. As much as I’d like to say I hopped in a pickup and drove through the deep […]

Day 57: Writing a NYC Haiku

Reflecting off glass, His taxi passes by me– My tea, I savor. _________________________ Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the […]

Day 55: Sending a Stranger a Present

I had an extra copy of The Game of Thrones book that’s been kicked around like a scrawny stray dog for probably close to a year. For a while it sat on the coffee table. I offered it to each person who crossed the threshold; this resulted in the targeted individual reacting with either, “Pfft! […]

Day 52: Pretending to Be a Newscaster

We visited a museum that boasts a faux news studio. Everyone and his/her dog could pretend to be a newscaster, reading from the teleprompter and all.  Although the place was mobbed by a gaggle of 12 year olds, I–an old lady by their standards– clawed my way to my rightful place in line patiently awaited my […]

Day 50: Binge-Watching Corrupted Politicians

What better way to celebrate the half-way point to my 100-day challenge by experiencing another first: binge-watching an entire season of a TV show… After all, after my taxing time on the beach in Puerto Rico, I need a rest. I devoured the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards, the devilishly sinister Kevin Spacey, […]

Day 46: Swooning Over San Juan

Not all of my posts are major wins and, admittedly, some of my “experiences” barely qualify as such. (Really? Sending James Franco a message and figuratively putting Seth Rogen over my knee? Wearing bright red lipstick?) This one, however, I think truly counts. Day 1, Puerto Rico, first stop Isla Verde, which is very resort-minded […]

Day 44: Sending a Message to James Franco

This is a two-fer: (1) I followed the advice of readers who commented; and (2) I sent James Franco a message with links to my website. And guess what? He. Did. Not. Respond. What the…??? Shocking, I know. Downright scandalous! But..I can’t believe James would ignore me like that. It’s just not possible. Personally, I […]

Day 43: Signing Up for an Acting Workshop

I’m bitter. You may recall how I submitted an application to be an extra.  All I got back was a bogus email that was sent to thousands of other wannabes. Did I mention that I’m bitter? I just don’t understand why I haven’t been discovered. I mean, isn’t there always a need for the less […]

Day 42: Jumping on the Travel Bandwagon, or Puerto Rico Bound

Hot Warm on the heels of my Iceland-ticket-buying high, I snatched up tickets to go to Puerto Rico this weekend.  I figured it would be good for my recovery to soak in some warm, beach-y weather before heading to a place that has frozen water as its namesake. In light of my promise to try new […]

Day 34: Getting a Call From an Executive Recruiter

When my friends or family would tell me about the calls they received from “head hunters,” I’d always say something like,”how come no one ever calls ME? What’s wrong with MY head, that nobody wants it?” Well, today I actually got such a call. It was…weird. I didn’t like it. As the woman on the […]

Day 32: Deciding to Train for a 5K

On the heels of my obsession with the Silver Linings Playbook film–which features miles of footage of Coop running not only to get in shape, but to help gain some control over his life–I’ve decided I need a goal to help me maintain motivation in my recovery. I feel like I’ve stalled a bit, and […]