Day 16: Getting Called in for an Acting Evaluation

Remember when I put in my app to try and become a movie/TV extra? Well, I’ve already gotten an email to come in for “an evaluation.” Now, either I’m stunningly special and my application and photo *really* wowed them–beyond that of the 736,872 others they received that day–orrrrrrrrr it’s a big ol’ scam. Hmmm… that’s a tough […]

Day 14: Following in the Footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence

I wish… But, let’s face it; it ain’t happenin’… Surely, though, movies and TV shows have a time and place for a surgically-altered (altered, I said; not enhanced), not-particularly-talented, not-23 year old. Right? To this end, I’ve submitted an application to be an extra. Another new experience for me and an act of charity and […]