Day 74: (Water) Walking D(r)ead

  In tandem with my adventure-filled walks [otherwise known as The Walking D(r)ead], today I tried water walking. The main difference? You don’t sweat! Or, at least, you don’t know if you sweat, because it’s awfully hard to separate pool water from the water your body’s secreted. I know. Gross. The other difference? I also […]

Day 55: Sending a Stranger a Present

I had an extra copy of The Game of Thrones book that’s been kicked around like a scrawny stray dog for probably close to a year. For a while it sat on the coffee table. I offered it to each person who crossed the threshold; this resulted in the targeted individual reacting with either, “Pfft! […]

Day 47: Racing Around Puerto Rico

Today we poked around the District of Carolina a bit more, including a visit to the historic El San Juan Hotel with its over-the-top but beautiful interior. I could imagine Frank Sinatra stepping out of the shadows at any moment, fedora cocked, crooked smile (no pun or hints at his mob ties intended, here). After […]

Day 34: Getting a Call From an Executive Recruiter

When my friends or family would tell me about the calls they received from “head hunters,” I’d always say something like,”how come no one ever calls ME? What’s wrong with MY head, that nobody wants it?” Well, today I actually got such a call. It was…weird. I didn’t like it. As the woman on the […]

Day 31: Liking the Movie Way More Than the Book

I’ve never liked a film adaptation more than the book. Really. I can’t think of one time. Until now. Continuing my obsession with The Silver Linings Playbook movie (yes, I watched it four times in a row),  it only made sense to give the novel a chance. So I read it. In one sitting (not because it […]

Day 27: Buying Tickets to Iceland!

Well, I’ve gone and done it: I bought tickets to Iceland. If you’ve been following this blog, you’re probably thinking, “Nah-uh! I don’t believe it!” But I assure you, it’s true: I. BOUGHT. TICKETS. TO. ICELAND! Still shocked that I’m making one of my dreams a reality, I can’t even think of what to put […]

Day 18: Hovering Over Iceland

I’m on an airline site, hovering over the “confirm purchase” button. (Yes, that really is my finger). By now it’s pretty apparent from past posts that I really want to go to Iceland. Well, fares are lower than they’ve been for quite a while (I know this because I signed up to get fare alerts, […]

Day 10: Considering a ‘Game of Thrones’ Pilgrimage

So, ok… as a result of my tripadvisor post, I  contacted an Iceland tour company that people highly recommended. Of course, in my email to the company I profusely apologized for potentially wasting their time, stating, “not only is it more likely that you’ll see pigs fly before I actually get to Iceland, but the pigs […]

Day 4: Posting a Northern Lights Question

Ok, getting serious here.  I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.  Hey, Walter went to Iceland, so why can’t I? (Hmmm….I’m starting to see a pattern here. You’d think the recovering spinal cord surgery patient would want to stay away from slippery, icy landscapes…but, after yesterday and today’s posts, one […]