Day 76: Learning How to Photograph The Northern Lights

I sure hope that I get a chance to actually see the northern lights (fingers crossed).  And, really, just seeing them will be enough for me… just like Sean felt about the elusive snow leopard:  Sometimes it’s more appropriate and meaningful to take the photo with your mind’s eye. But I’m getting pressure from friends […]

Day 75: Packing for Iceland

On Thursday, I’m beginning the major goal of my “100 days of new experiences”– I’m heading to Iceland! Today is devoting to packing, and I can firmly say that while I’ve packed for many trips, I’ve never packed for Iceland… ________________________ Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and […]

Day 65: Learning Icelandic

Tomorrow is a big night, what with the True Detective finale and my moonshine date with Mr. Dixon. So I figured I should find a useful way to pass the time…and I realized, hey, wait a minute…I’m go in’ to Iceland soon! I don’t have to live my life vicariously through my TV and film “family” […]

Day 60: Taking a Snow Day in the Sun

While everyone back home is holed up courtesy of the latest storm, due to a fortuitous work trip I’m enjoying my snow day among the palm trees. This is the first time I’ve been “stuck” in a tropical place because of weather; usually it happens the other way around, where I’m trying to get away […]

Day 59: Running on Empty

I’ve always secretly wanted tempt fate in this way…that is, as long as someone else was with me to walk to the nearest gas station. Anyway, running on empty wasn’t intentional. A friend and I were driving in the middle of nowhere, lack of cell phone reception, and mile after mile stretching before us without […]

Day 58: Doing the Weekly Photo Challenge

This is the first time I’ve done one of the wordpress photo challenges.  This is a picture of an abandoned movie theatre poster window in NYC. I love the little bits of paper, they give glimpses into the past…rings in the center of a tree. _________________________ Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at […]

Day 57: Writing a NYC Haiku

Reflecting off glass, His taxi passes by me– My tea, I savor. _________________________ Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the […]

Day 56: Ridin’ the Rails

I’ve ridden the train before, but never in such a last-minute, devil-may-care manner. After some serious reconfiguring of schedules which required no less than 37.5 phone calls (ok, so maybe not quite so devil-may-care. I cared a little),  I–without rhyme or reason–bought a ticket on the spot and jumped slunk onto the next train headed to […]

Day 49: Bidding Bye to Puerto Rico

One last morning stroll on the beach, a short tour by our hosts of Condado, lunch and then back to reality. Condado appears to be upscale and geared largely toward the tourist trade (and let’s face it, we *are* tourists). It has beautiful beaches and we had a delicious, if painfully slow, lunch.  (When traveling to […]

Day 48: Soul-Searching in Old San Juan

After zip lining (which excluded me, natch), we took to the streets of Old San Juan. As expected, buildings painted vibrant peach, yellow, and green-blue hues stood side-by-side. Sadly, many of them donned signs like Pizza Hut and Subway, or were shuttered with for sale signs. Puerto Rico’s economy for a number of reasons is […]

Day 47: Racing Around Puerto Rico

Today we poked around the District of Carolina a bit more, including a visit to the historic El San Juan Hotel with its over-the-top but beautiful interior. I could imagine Frank Sinatra stepping out of the shadows at any moment, fedora cocked, crooked smile (no pun or hints at his mob ties intended, here). After […]

Day 46: Swooning Over San Juan

Not all of my posts are major wins and, admittedly, some of my “experiences” barely qualify as such. (Really? Sending James Franco a message and figuratively putting Seth Rogen over my knee? Wearing bright red lipstick?) This one, however, I think truly counts. Day 1, Puerto Rico, first stop Isla Verde, which is very resort-minded […]

Day 42: Jumping on the Travel Bandwagon, or Puerto Rico Bound

Hot Warm on the heels of my Iceland-ticket-buying high, I snatched up tickets to go to Puerto Rico this weekend.  I figured it would be good for my recovery to soak in some warm, beach-y weather before heading to a place that has frozen water as its namesake. In light of my promise to try new […]

Day 28: Warming Up to Icelandic Fashion

My brain is about to melt and seep through all my facial orifices with info overload on Iceland tours and activities. I figured a good way to take a break from this initial flurry of vacation research–and still get my “first”–would be to do a little scouting on Icelandic fashion. I mean, I can’t go […]

Day 27: Buying Tickets to Iceland!

Well, I’ve gone and done it: I bought tickets to Iceland. If you’ve been following this blog, you’re probably thinking, “Nah-uh! I don’t believe it!” But I assure you, it’s true: I. BOUGHT. TICKETS. TO. ICELAND! Still shocked that I’m making one of my dreams a reality, I can’t even think of what to put […]

Day 18: Hovering Over Iceland

I’m on an airline site, hovering over the “confirm purchase” button. (Yes, that really is my finger). By now it’s pretty apparent from past posts that I really want to go to Iceland. Well, fares are lower than they’ve been for quite a while (I know this because I signed up to get fare alerts, […]