Day 60: Taking a Snow Day in the Sun

While everyone back home is holed up courtesy of the latest storm, due to a fortuitous work trip I’m enjoying my snow day among the palm trees. This is the first time I’ve been “stuck” in a tropical place because of weather; usually it happens the other way around, where I’m trying to get away […]

Day 59: Running on Empty

I’ve always secretly wanted tempt fate in this way…that is, as long as someone else was with me to walk to the nearest gas station. Anyway, running on empty wasn’t intentional. A friend and I were driving in the middle of nowhere, lack of cell phone reception, and mile after mile stretching before us without […]

Day 21: Examining Someone Else’s Wardrobe Picks

You might recall that I, on the recommendation of a friend, signed up for this service where an anonymous personal shopper picks your wardrobe and mails it out to you. Now I’m thinkin’, what does it say about me that my friend thinks I need such help? What does it say about my “friend?” Honestly, […]

Day 9: Giving Up Control of My Wardrobe

As as said in my post about letting someone else determine my coffee order, it felt kind of freeing not to have to make my own decision. All right, so it didn’t turn out so great… but the experience was interesting enough for me to want to try something similar. A friend told me about […]

Day 6: Randomly Generating My Vacation

Hot on the heels of my “let-someone-else-decide” experiment yesterday, today I found an online random vacation generator.  Apparently such devices are geared toward unimaginative doofi who can’t come up with their own trip ideas…and me. One clicks. One sees where one is destined to go. Huh. The stars say I am to head to Lisbon. I […]

Day 5: Letting a Complete Stranger Choose for Me

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make your own decisions. Today, while standing in line for my coffee, I started to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Really, couldn’t it just be small, medium or large …and regular or decaf? I realized this was an opportunity to try something new.  I turned to the elderly […]