About Daily Departures

It’s January 1, 2014. It’s a dark and stormy night…

Nah. It’s quite lovely outside. Gentle breezes, smiling post-New Year’s Eve Party faces at every turn. So, where to start? All right… First and foremost, I’m doing this for me, myself and I. This isn’t for anyone else, so if you’ve started reading…and you’re still reading, stop right now. No, really. Stop.

Hmph. I guess your parents didn’t teach you to listen very well, ’cause you’re still here.

Oh, well. In that case, let me just say this: It’s a new year and thus time for ye olde resolutions.  I’ve had a tough 2013 recovering from…drum roll, please… spinal cord surgery* (I know… ewwwww). I’m older than 20-something, which is important to note only insofar as it affects how quickly I am healing. Emotionally and wardrobe-wise I probably rank around that of a 12 old skate punk, 14 on a good day. And, work… well, let’s just say I have too many degrees and too few marketable skills. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

Actually, come to think of it… I wanna grow up to be Walter Mitty. Not the one from the original Thurber story. I will tell you that I don’t aspire to be a middle-aged man who is saddled with a nagging wife and daydreams about being a war hero.  I want to be Ben Stiller’s Walter Mitty… the one who takes the staggering leap onto the drunk-piloted, storm-bound helicopter.**  The one who LIVES. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the movie, ‘cuz I have, and this is all about ME, not you. The point is, I need to inject a little excitement and novelty into my life.  Now, I can’t go climbing Himalayan mountains (dude, I did point out that I am recovering from serious surgery), but I figure there are probably, like, a million little things that I could choose to do each day that I’ve never done before. The operative term here is “little.”  My theory is that even small things might make life a little more colorful and interesting.

Thus my challenge:  I’m aiming for 100 consecutive days of experiencing something new.

But we’ll see.  I have no plan.  I’ll take each of the 100 days as it comes. On some days opportunities might present themselves (maybe they do all the time and I just haven’t paid attention); on others I’ll probably have to make some sort of an effort.

In any event, as I said, it’s January 1 and here I am, starting a blog where I will chronicle daily departures from my usual life.  (Get it? Daily departures? Taking off from the daily grind?). So, Day 1: New blog; new experience.  See? How hard can it be….

*That’s not actually me in the tumor removal video. I only know that because of the date it was posted. I did sign lots of papers; I probably gave permission to have my surgery scattered all over the Internet, too. Not sure how I feel about that…

**I’d prefer a sober pilot and a clear weather report.



31 thoughts on “About Daily Departures

    • I appreciate your enthusiasm! I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this idea, nor will I be the last, so steal away! I bet you can come up with better “new experiences” than I have. Some of mine are, admittedly, kinda lame. Feel free to share some of your ideas!

  1. All the best for your ongoing recovery. I have issues with my spine too that I am recovering from so I can empathise with you. All the best with discovering lots of amazing daily departures! ps. love your style of blogging.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my page and showing some love on our project “Guys Reading Poems”. It really means a lot to have the support from the community.

    Look at you! You’re over the hump! 39 more days to go! I hope the experience has been a wonderful experience. It’s no wonder that not enough people get out and experience life to its fullest–something of which I’m guilty of as well–though that is a work in progress for me!

    Stay in touch!

  3. Thanks for your note! I’m trying! The icing on the cake will be my trip to Iceland later this month. Then I will feel like I’ve really accomplished a new experience and a long-time goal…Stop by again sometime…maybe give me an idea or two of a “first” I can attempt!

  4. It’s probably too soon to say this but, I hope you don’t stop at 100. Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope it provides you with some useful tips on Iceland.

    • Yes, thank you for the info in your blog! I’m very much looking forward to my trip. Who knows, maybe once I hit 100 I’ll be so excited I will want to continue. I will need some suggestions for other new things to try… coming up with them isn’t always easy, especially since I am so limited physically. I hope I am inspired by Iceland and come up with a whole new list!

  5. Ok, so you asked for some ideas on new experiences to try. I see you tried your hand at writing, so why not combine writing and your love for the Walking Dead? You know about fan fiction right? If not check it out. Maybe you could write a fan fiction piece about the show. It is not physically demanding so maybe it would fit the bill.

    • Oh my gosh… that WOULD be putting myself out there on a limb. I most certainly have never written any fan fiction. Hmm… that’s an interesting one proposal… the question is, am I brave enough to try it?

      Thank you very much for throwing the idea out there…I am serious when I ask for ideas for some new ‘firsts.’

      You’ve put one out there that would be a true challenge! Enough to make me shake in my boots!

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  7. So what happened in Iceland?! How is your recovery going?! You are noticeable in your absence. I hope you achieved the rest of your 100 daily departures.

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