Day 55: Sending a Stranger a Present


I had an extra copy of The Game of Thrones book that’s been kicked around like a scrawny stray dog for probably close to a year. For a while it sat on the coffee table. I offered it to each person who crossed the threshold; this resulted in the targeted individual reacting with either, “Pfft! Already read it!” or “Pfft! You’re joking, right?”

It migrated to the kitchen, where–depending on whether we needed flour, a subway fare card, or half-eaten donut–it got punted to a shelf, counter or chair seat. At some point someone moved it to the stairs where it sat amongst a mishmash of shampoo and mouthwash samples we swiped from hotels, an incomplete travel Chess set, a single blue, gray and red argyle sock and lavender-smelling “sleep balm.”

Last night, as I stepped around it for probably the two- or three-hundredth time, I finally figured out what to do with it:  Stick it in a padded envelope and send it to a complete stranger.  Naturally.

Why not? I mean, what’s wrong with sending someone you don’t know an unexpected, unmarked package with no return address? (Yo, FBI: Calm down! It’s just a book. Really!) Besides, I’ve never sent a stranger a present before, so I get to count it as a new experience.

So I wrapped up the poor, unloved, unappreciated dog-eared book. Not one to pass up a chance for cheesy dramatic irony, I found a real place called “Oldtown” (one of the fictitious cities in the book, but this Oldtown is in Idaho) and searched a White Pages site for someone with the surname Martin.

Bingo! There were several to choose from, so I randomly selected one Mr. Martin in the age range of 30-39.

Assuming he doesn’t treat the package as HAZMAT and toss it in the trash or blow it up, perhaps when he opens it, it’ll put a smile on his face.

And me? I’ll have one less thing to trip over.

Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the “about” page.  


6 thoughts on “Day 55: Sending a Stranger a Present

    • I actually tried to give it to our library but it didn’t meet their “condition standards.” Must’ve had something to do with that half-eaten donut that decomposed on top of it… And, hey…if you own that other sock, I’d happily pay to send that to you, too!

      Thanks for stopping by to read my lame blog (the emphasis on “lame,” given the inspiration for writing it, heh-heh).

  1. I like the idea of sending random books you don’t want to strangers. I have stacks that I don’t like or haven’t bothered to read in years… I think I have an idea for something 😀

  2. I would be very confused to receive a gift in the mail from a stranger. but considering how many books my husband gets in the mail, I’d probably assume it was for him.

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