Day 39: Almost Having Tea with a Workman


If I happen to be home while someone’s doing work on the house, I always offer him/her coffee or tea. I mean, just because the actual price of the work ends up being $1000 more than the estimate doesn’t mean that I can’t be civilized, right? Besides, no one ever takes me up on the offer. Ever.

Except for today. Today, someone took me up on my offer.

He is working on our kitchen and I popped down to make a cup of tea. Naturally, I extended an offer to Mr. Kitchen Cure.

I was getting ready to say my standard, “Well, if you change your mind, let me know,” when I realized he’d actually said, “sure.”

“Huh?” Was my response.

“No sugar or honey,” he said.

It’s not like I didn’t want him to say yes; I was just surprised he had. Like I said, in all my months years of asking the parade of construction workers, painters, handymen, electricians, floor installers, psychiatrists and the like, not one said anything that approximated a, “yes.”

Just then the phone rang. I ran to get it and got wrapped up in my call. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I realized I hadn’t given him his tea.

The one time someone says, “yes,” and I blow it.

I ran down to correct the error, but the moment had passed. He’d already cracked open his 42 oz Arizona Tea.

I had failed on so many levels.

Now I have a mission. The next person who works in this house WILL join me for a cup of tea. Perhaps now that Mr. Kitchen Cure transformed the space into a more tea-drinking-friendly state, I’ll get more takers.


Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the “about” page.


2 thoughts on “Day 39: Almost Having Tea with a Workman

    • I agree! And it’s more quality bonding than one might get over, say, a few strong martinis…or, more “clarity” bonding, at any rate! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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