Day 28: Warming Up to Icelandic Fashion


My brain is about to melt and seep through all my facial orifices with info overload on Iceland tours and activities. I figured a good way to take a break from this initial flurry of vacation research–and still get my “first”–would be to do a little scouting on Icelandic fashion.

I mean, I can’t go to Iceland dressed in one of those traditional Icelandic wool sweaters, the ones with those circular yoke designs, can I? How Ameri-moronic would I seem strolling down Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s main shopping street, wearing a freaking stereotypical Nordic pullover?

Well, guess what I’ve learned?

People in Iceland wear traditional Icelandic wool sweaters, the ones with those circular yoke designs.

“In Reykjavik, the sweater is practically a uniform for Icelanders.” 

Er, what?! Come again?

I’m not sure I can do it. I’ve always thought of those sweaters as the fashion fare of mid-west farmer’s wives and grandmas. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that I’m neither a farmer’s wife nor grandma. Or from the mid-west.)

I might have to just stick with my boring basic black zip-up and call it a day.

A7XU-JK3-TNF-Crescent-Sunset-Hoodie-Wms-TNF Black-F13
My husband, on the other hand, is apparently in for quite an Icelandic wardrobe ride:

I can see it. I really can.

Too bad he can’t.


Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the “about” page.


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