Day 6: Randomly Generating My Vacation


Hot on the heels of my “let-someone-else-decide” experiment yesterday, today I found an online random vacation generator.  Apparently such devices are geared toward unimaginative doofi who can’t come up with their own trip ideas…and me.

One clicks. One sees where one is destined to go.

Huh. The stars say I am to head to Lisbon.

I was hoping when I hit the button that Iceland would pop up. I really wanted fate to agree with me. (An aside:  The “polar vortex” is heading this way, and Iceland will resemble a balmy retreat at 45 degrees while my part of the globe will be experiencing a wind chill factor of 15 below zero.  Joke’s on me, Reykjavik!)

But I digress… I haven’t been to Portugal, so the thought does intrigue me. To keep my tripadvisor question about Iceland company, I posted one about Lisbon, too.  I need ideas on what a reasonable itinerary might be for a post-surgical gimp.

Look, I’m not kidding myself. I know it’s much more likely that I’ll be taking a trip to Target than it is for me find myself in Iceland or Portugal, but a random-vacation-generator-using-doofus can dream, can’t she?

Honestly, I blame House Hunters International for my wanderlust.  There wasn’t much to do during all that recuperation time, so I spent a lot of it ogling other people embarking on exciting new adventures in far-flung locales.

I hate them. I hate them all, even the ones who moved to places where I, personally, have no desire to buy property and put down roots. Like Bolivia. Not that there’s anything wrong with living in Bolivia; it’s just not for me.

But, truth be told,  I don’t necessarily hanker at this point to move to a foreign place… I’d just like to pay a little visit.  It’s no secret after being shut in for so long that I have cabin fever.  So maybe if I keep my dreams on the right side of realistic, I might be able to achieve them.  Not sure if Iceland or Portugal fit the bill, but come on… it’s not like I’m shootin’ for a Virgin Galactic suborbital adventure. I just wanna set foot in a country I’ve yet to set foot in. Seems reasonable, to me anyway…

Anyhoo, I’ve never used a random vacation generator before, so at least I get to check off a new experience for today. And while on the surface this “experience” seems p-r-e-t-t-y darn  lame, maybe  in the scheme of things it will prove to be pivotal.

Or, more likely, I’ve just managed to find one more new way to waste time, punching away at the button over and over until Iceland  finally flickers onto the screen.

Each day of 2014, I’m forcing encouraging myself to have at least one new experience (and chronicling it to keep it real). If you’re interested in why–though I can’t for the life of me imagine anyone would be that bored–check out the “about” page. 


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